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My name is Roman Osypenko. I was born and raised in Ukraine.

I have a diverse and rich background in business. It all started, however, with my BBA in Marketing from ICU-Kiev.

This is a summary from my LinkedIn profile:
Marketing professional with extensive “hands on” experience in various industries and eight years of practice in management. Expertise in large-scale offline and online projects and advertising campaigns. Launched and managed digital internet agency and created successful digital strategy platforms for numerous brands both on the agency and the client side.

 Launched a $12 million annual turnover company and over 10 start-up projects which resulted in $15 million sales. Managed large accounts of numerous real estate development companies in Ukraine and a number of multinational clients – Toyota, Diageo, Kodak, Motorola.

 Managed small teams that struggled with client’s challenges as well as a department of 70 people.

 Passionate about strategy, change management and company turnarounds.

 During my MBA in San Francisco I participated in disruptive innovation projects at IBM-ISSIP and Ebay/PayPal. The projects were mentored by Silicon Valley service innovation professionals.

 The projects were a huge success and my efforts were highly ranked by Silicon Valley executives(all endorsements can be seen on my LinkedIn profile).

I am passionate about Innovations and all sorts of entrepreneurial activities and projects.

I am a husband and happy father, a true dog lover and adventurous risk taker in spirit.


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